* No Double Dipping *

  Eyebrows                                       18
   Shoulders Top                                20
  Upper Lip                                      10
   Chest & Stomach                          60
  Forehead                                        10
   Full Back                                       60
  Sideburns                                       10
   Deep Bikini                                   60
  Chin                                               10
   Brazilian First Visit                       70
  Full Face                                        55
   Brazilian                                        60
  Under Arms                                   15
  Brazilian & Lower Stomach          80 


  Eyebrow Threading                      20
    Upper Lip Threading                   12

*  No Extra Maintenance Fees Added  *
Types Of Wax Used:For Bikini & Brazilian waxing services either Hard Wax, Strip Wax, or a combination of the two is used. Please inform if you have a particular preference. If you are not sure what type of wax to use, it would be our pleasure to have you test each of the two. So you could decide which wax you are more comfortable with. Strip wax is used for other parts of the body. Wax brands that are used in services are: Satin Smooth and Beauty Image.
 Pre-Wax Preparation: A special hydrating organic oil is applied before waxing to insure comfort and skin protection. The purpose is to provide a protective barrier, so that wax attachment is focused more on the hair follicle not the skin. Also performs a less-sticky, softer, smother and more comfortable hair removal.
 Softening Bikini Sting: Don't we wish that Bikini area waxing could be more comfortable. Well It can be! A Special numbing ointment is complementary for your service! Also taking Tylenol before your appointment may help and give you some comfort for sensitive areas.
 Hair Removal Includes:Tweezing some of the stubborn hair and also clearing out  some of the congested ingrown hair. Then a organic hydrating cooling product is applied, to give the skin a cool comfort while reducing inflammation of the skin.
 Length For Hair Removal: Please make sure that the hair is at least 1/8 inch long for facial waxing. For shaved body area, you will need to wait at least 4 weeks after shaving for proper length to insure successful hair removal.

Important: For special occasions Wedding, Prom, Photo shoot etc. Please book hair removal appointment at least one week prior to your special day.